Friday, 29 March 2013

A Giraffe and Pocket Warmers

 I bought a small embroidery hoop a little while ago and I wanted to try my hand at a little embroidered animal.

I asked my partner to give me the name of an animal, and a giraffe was suggested. So I stitched a giraffe! I'm pretty proud of this because this was completely from my head, no pattern or picture. I did a running stitch outline of a giraffe in yellow and then went over it again to make a solid line (less tedious than backstitch) and then filled him in with satin stitch, although I'm pretty sure with satin stitch you're supposed to pick an angle for your stitches to slant at, and keep at that angle, which I didn't do. I added a black eye (could have practised my french knots here but chose not to) and then a week or so later, finally got around to doing the brown; and it was a lot easier than I thought.
I think he's very handsome and I'm glad that I stitched him!

I also made little Pocket Warmers:

They're for the Box of Sunshine too. The yellow fabric is the same as the fabric for my mum's little zippy pouch. They are lined with fleece to keep the warms in longer and the idea came from this pin. I think they're really sweet and I might make up a set for me, or even a longer one for a heat pack for my lower back.

I've also cut out 12cm squares of my plain white cotton and all of my quilting-weight fabrics. I have 9 white squares and 9 coloured squares, each out of a different fabric. I plan on making a blanket like this one with all those squares. Before I start stitching them up I plan on getting some fleece to stitch in the middle, as padding for extra warmth. I might even have a go 'quilting' some of the squares, that would be fun.
I want this to be an ongoing project, sort of like a visual fabric 'library' that I can look at and see all the fabrics I've had in the past. I'm excited about it - it'll be fun to look back at it and see all the memories and things I've made with those fabrics.

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