Friday, 24 January 2014

Pincushion and Needlebook Sets

After making the large patchwork pincushion for Mum and using it a little bit because it was there, I decided that I needed one. One that I can actually use (sorry Almost Literal Needlebook).

So I made some! And a matching needlebook to go with them.

 I made these with the very last of the red and grey arrows fabric. I sent these to my auntie! She liked them a lot; I hope she finds them useful!

 These were a kind of test run, to be honest, but they came out fully-functional (and used up the last of the red/black kind of fabric I needed for this) so I sent them along.
The pincushion is supposed to have edges that are of a uniform length; this one is a little wonky because I didn't allow for seam allowances in one of the parts. Oops.
The needlebook is too big for my liking but works just fine, simply personal preference.

 These are the ones I made for me! I do love this elephant fabric - I bought more recently.
I really like how the second needlebook came out, it's a nicer size, I think.

 I already put all my needles in it all nice! I used three pages of felt because I wanted the book to be a little more substantial. I think it was the perfect amount and gave it a really nice weight, so I'll be doing them like this from now on.

 Here's the back of the pincushion. I fussy-cut the bottom square to get a single elephant out of it and used a grey button instead of the teal-y one. I think it's really cute, and it makes me happy knowing it's there, even if I don't tend to see it.

A lovely little matching sewing set for me, yay!
I'm planning on making a sewing machine cover out of this fabric too, and perhaps another pouch with different dimensions just because.

This is what I got from Spotlight yesterday! Loving those ladybugs!

 And a teaser - what will it be??

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