Thursday, 27 February 2014

Another Package for Mum

I've put together another package for my mum. I don't really know why. I saw the cutest ladybug stationery set and knew I had to get it for her. Then things just snowballed from there.

 I put together a whole bunch of stationery stuff using this lovely ladybug fabric I found. There were yellow ladybugs, her favourite colour, but I chose to go for the more traditional red.

I made the sweetest, tiniest little bunting! I started out trying to machine-sew them to the 5mm (!) ribbon, but quickly decided that that was not going to work (of course not, silly) so I hand-stitched it instead. First tacking the triangles to the ribbon, then doing another pass to fold the other side down and secure that. I think it worked very well! I also think I rather like hand-stitching.

 I sewed up two cute little notebook covers to fit a couple of notebooks I bought (for a ridiculously high price, why are notebooks so expensive??). I used this tutorial to make them. I was originally going to use spray adhesive to permanently attach the fabric instead of making covers, but I felt that if the covers could be removed that would make the notebooks less special, and therefore more okay to mess up. Which is exactly what I wanted. I remember very carefully covering an exercise book for my mum, first with white paper, then with bright yellow translucent duraseal. As far as I know, she never used it because she didn't want to ruin it. It's a sweet way of looking at it, but I do want these ones to be used!

 My first mug rug; actually my first quilted thing ever, and with binding too! It came out very nice indeed, I think!
That little box/basket is from this tutorial, although I can't remember what size square I used. I did the lining a little bit smaller and was able to 'roll' the top seam so that the lining doesn't show at all at the top, and I rather liked that detail.
And another pencilcase from this tutorial. I boxed the corners less because I had a shorter usable length due to the smaller zipper, and I still wanted to be able to fit pencils inside.

I made the lovely pouch using this tutorial, and may I say that it is ridiculously easy? I used a white quilting-weight cotton and the ladybugs, which are slightly thinner, and while it would have been much better in much lighter fabrics, it was very quick and rather lovely to make! Because the fabrics are thicker/stiffer/more substantial than others, the pouch doesn't close any more than that. It's kind of okay because the ribbon ties over it, but still something to keep in mind.
That wee hexagon may just be my newest obsession. I used the tutorial here (although there are others around) to make it, and it is just lovely. This one is a coaster, but I can feel my fingers itching and my heart tugging... I want to make a quilt of them. Handstitched, just like this one was. I'd make them much much bigger to make it easier on me, but goodness do I want to make a whole quilt of them...

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