Tuesday, 18 February 2014


I need to make a back (and rainbow binding) for Zigs and quilt it, and I'm a little bit intimidated. Thank goodness I'm early - the recipient's birthday is in April and the top is done, at least. Since those last photos I pressed the borders all nice and they look so much better, although I haven't actually pressed the main part of the piecing yet. I figure I'll do that when I'm ready to baste it - it just gets all unhappy being folded and put away anyway, and I'll need to do it again.

So. Instead of doing the sensible thing of making the back and binding for Zigs, I did this instead...

A whole new quilt top including a pieced back, and completed binding (which I put securely away as soon as I was done rolling it up so the cat didn't get it - sorry no photo!).

 I started with a lovely Jelly Roll of dusty Kona solids that my mum sent me as a Christmas present. They were arranged in a kind of rainbow but I couldn't leave them be and had to mess with them a bit, rearranging and taking a few out.
  I thought it was going to be a lot smaller than it turned out. 2 1/2 inches adds up! With how long it is, I needed to add a little width, so to accompany the 'Strip' portion...

 ...comes the 'Flip'! I can't remember where I saw this technique, but I liked it a lot and I needed added width, so it was just perfect!
  I wanted the white strips to be in proportion to the others, so the four strips only added 8" to the width. It's still a tiny bit narrow, but it's similar to a single bed size and it's for a teeny tiny baby so I figure that's okay. I'll get better at estimating the finished size of quilts, I hope!

I really like the back panel. It's pieced from the little scraps that came from chopping off the uneven edge of the front. Because of that, some of the pieces were quite small and I couldn't just go full random with the piecing, I had to have a plan so that the whole thing looked relatively well put-together.

Even with a plan, it was a little intense! It took a lot longer than pre-cutting all the bits and simply sewing them together one after the other. I'm not sure I could use this semi-improvisational way to make a whole quilt! It was almost stressful.

My second quilt top is further along than my first (and looks a lot nicer - I think that during first one, I had tension issues that I've since corrected). I have no idea how to quilt it. It's so linear that I want to do some free-motion quilting on it, but I've never done anything like that before, and it appears to be quite difficult! Not that I've done straight-line quilting either... I guess I shall just have to practise!


  1. I love the quit top and the back - this is going to be beautiful when it is done. Thank you for visiting my blog. I could not reply back to you as you are a no reply blogger and I could not find any contact information on your blog.
    Your projects are so cute and I will check back often.

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping to get around to quilting it soon - although I only have thread basting as an option at the moment...
      I didn't realise I was a no-reply blogger, sorry! I've fixed that now, thank you for pointing it out to me.


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