Monday, 9 June 2014

April and May Bee Blocks

I'm involved in two bees, Hive #8 at Newbee Quilters and Ausbees at Australian Quilters, both on Threadbias. We've been going for two months now so I thought I'd post pictures!

First up for April was a Road to Oklahoma block for Emphill of Hive #8! These blocks look absolutely stunning when you put them all together. It's very similar to this block that I would love to make at some point. Beautiful!

Also for April, two Star Crossed blocks for Joke of Ausbees! I really liked working with the navy, I'd like to get more navy fabric to work with in the future!
 I wasn't a fan of how the HSTs were made in the tutorial, so if I do this again (I might do one for Asterism) I'd make them differently. I felt like they stretched a little and made matching points up a little more difficult than necessary.

For May, a feather block for Libellenart of Hive #8! I was really pleased that this was chosen; it was a great way to test out the block, since I want to eventually make a quilt out of these for me! I didn't like how the pattern didn't have a 1" reference square on the templates, nor did it say anywhere what size the block was supposed to be - I don't know if it turned out the right size or not!

We only do one block for Hive #8 but this one was for a charity quilt so quite a few of us made two. I didn't have enough background fabric to complete a second block so I just made the feather pieces. Typically, I like the second feather pieces WAY more!

And the April Ausbees blocks were modified Bento Blocks for Quilbee. I really like that one on the left. I can't believe I only have one fat quarter of red! Lots of purple, lots of pink but only one red. I'll be stocking up on all sorts of coloured basics once I get a job.