Saturday, 7 June 2014


This is the quilt I'm making for my little sister J who will be 17 in January next year. Little early to start on hers, especially since I don't even have the fabric for the Fractured quilt that's kind of maybe due in five days... Yeah I'm going to be late with that one.

Originally the idea was purple and grey cat faces from Elizabeth Hartman's Catvent QAL, but I changed my mind to stars! I think the variation of stars in this quilt, which I'm calling Asterism, will really be a visual treat once it's done!

Jean-Ginge is supervising
The reason I've started so early is because June is my month as Queen in my two bees! I'm in Hive #8 in the Newbee Quilters group on Threadbias and I'm also participating in Ausbees in the Australian Quilters group on Threadbias!
I've asked for purple and grey star blocks, they can be any pattern as long as it's a star and it's 12.5" unfinished. I'm so excited to see the wonderful mix of blocks I receive!

 I'm making twenty or so blocks, I think, and I'll hopefully be receiving twenty or so from my bee-mates. I've decided to treat my blocks as a sampler of sorts, a way to try out all sorts of different techniques!

This one is an EPP block done by hand that I'm very proud of - it took me two days! I drafted the pattern myself and I think it worked really well. I really enjoyed having something like this to work on so I'll be doing another EPP star, I think.

This is a lovely paper-pieced block from Lily's Quilts called ET Phone Home. I chain-pieced this one in an assembly-line style and messed up the middle section rather spectacularly on all eight pieces. I'd recommend doing this one two spokes at a time, I think, so that you can check the placement before making the same mistake on all of them. Lesson learned!

Wee signature block in there too!
This one is my favourite! It's a spiderweb block but the spiderweb only shows up as a secondary pattern when you put the blocks together, and I thought just one looked like a lovely four-pointed star. I used this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew except I wanted a larger block and didn't want to use the foundation method as it felt like a waste; I made a paper-piecing pattern instead.

I really like this one! It's very simple, just four different wonky stars in different feature and background fabrics, but it was quite fun to make, and very quick. I used this tutorial for the stars as I'd never made them before, and I think it worked very well. They aren't very wonky at all, really, but I'm happy with them!

This block is a bit of a shame, really. It's four Hunter's Stars blocks with the secondary pattern of the star forming in the middle, and it really is a fantastic block. My fabric choices leave much to be desired, there isn't enough contrast between the grey and the purple for you to see the star properly, which is a bummer. This one may end up being the back of a cushion, I might make a better one for the quilt itself.

Carpenter's Star! This is usually quite a large block due to the many pieces, so I had to size it down to fit and accidentally made it too small, oops. I can always add a border though, so that's okay. Not happy with some of the fabric choices, they kind of bleed into each other and the design isn't as crisp as it could be. I'm getting better with that though!

I'm pretty stoked about this quilt. I'm so excited to see the blocks all together! My mum's going to make a block too, which is pretty amazing because she hasn't done any patchwork in about twenty years. And I've asked my auntie if she'd like to contribute as well, and I think she might, so that's awesome! So many different fabrics will be in this quilt! It makes my heart happy.


  1. Loving your star collection! I've decided on one star I want to make for you, but need to choose a second :D

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