Sunday, 10 April 2016

Squeaking in

I was wondering if I'd be able to finish up my little mini (18.5"x20") for Rachel's Bluebird Sew Off, and I managed it! But only just, squeaking in under the deadline! I do love deadlines, it means I actually finish stuff. And I knew I had to really push to make it otherwise it'd lay around forever because it's for ME and that's always bottom of the list.

It's an Ugly Christmas Sweater! In the 'Winter Sweater' print from Bluebird! Co-starring a lovely coordinating C+S solid and soft low volumes for the background.

Honestly the Winter Sweater print really got me. I ordered some and then Rachel's contest came up and it was just awesome because I'd seen the Ugly Sweater block before and I needed to make it right then. It wasn't instant because I've been very busy (ugh) but I'm glad I stuck with it. You wouldn't believe the number of ends I've woven in.

I did a zigzaggy stitch on the sweater to kinda mimic knitting. It doesn't show up as much as I thought it would. Maybe after a wash.
The contrast bands are ditch-stitched and the background has little vertical dashes scattered over, trying to be snow.

As I was making it, it struck me that I was only using two focal fabrics. I didn't want to add another one into the binding, but neither the Winter Sweater or the solid did a good job on it's own as binding. So together it was! Piped binding, contrast binding, whatever you call it. Nice. But I won't use single fold binding next time, wow that made it difficult. Double fold all the way for this technique. Or at least, the way I did it.

Thank you to Rachel for giving me a push to make something with Bluebird! And a nice finish that I actually get to keep!


  1. The binding is gorgeous, and it's perfect sweater fabric!

  2. This is so cool! Love your fabric choice, too!

  3. Your fabric placement is impeccable here! It's an absolutely perfect choice for this pattern. I'm glad you made something for you!

    1. It was SO DIFFICULT to make things line up the way I wanted. The print didn't tend to be the first piece so there was a lot of pre-trimming, flipping and checking. I'm glad I made something for me too! It gets to go up with my minis when I have more wall space. Right now it's sitting on my design wall making me happy.

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